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The Guidance Series

Course Description

This course is going to guide you in preparing for an US Coast Guard Inspection, and is meant you make you confident if you are expecting one.


  • USCG: The Overview.
  • USCG: The USCG Job-Aid.
  • USCG: Fire and Boat Drills.
  • USCG: Experience feedback.


We will issue a certificate at the end of this course.

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Learning Objectives

The Guidance on USCG was prepared after meticulous research on the types of Inspection carried out by the USCG.

The guidance given here will let you gain confidence if you are expecting an USCG Inspection. It tells you what to expect. However, the vessel must also be prepared as required by the industry norms and Company guidance, and this course is not meant to supersede or replace them.

Suitable for:

Ship types: All Ships

(However, certain sections are directed towards Tankers only)

Vessels preparing for a USCG Annual, or COC Renewal Inspection.


  • Master
  • Chief Officer
  • Anyone involved in the preparation of an USCG Inspection

The Roadmap

Will have access to years of research combined!

The course consists of Four chapters which guide you through the Inspection process telling you what to expect.

Launch Presentation

For further details on how each area on board needs to be prepared, refer to the Self inspection series.