Be a certified RNA & VDR Analyst

Certification Course in VDR Analysis & Remote Nav Audit

We conduct Specialized batches for Companies (6 candidates or above).


On completion of this course, the participants will be certified as an Approved Remote Navigation Assessor & VDR Data Analyser.

Course Description

This course was structured and conducted in accordance with: 

  • OCIMF Guide to Best Practice for Navigational assessment and Audits, 
  • TMSA 3 Element 5 and 
  • VIQ 7 – Chapter 4.

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Course Duration

Two Days: VDR Analysis and Remote Navigational Audit

One Day: VDR Analysis only

Course Curriculum

Day One: Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) Analysis

  • Introductory Session
  • Who & Why of the Module – Regulations covered
  • Difference & Definition – VDR & RNA
  • VDR & SVDR – What to expect
  • JRC/JCY 1800/1900 – Use & Glitches
  • FURUNO/VR 3000 & 7000 – Guidance to Use
  • Analysis – Start to Finish
  • Examples of Common Observations
  • Practical VDR Analysis for Candidates


Day Two: Remote Navigation Audit (RNA)

  • Document Review
  • Trends
  • Recommendation
  • Report Writing
  • Practical Exercises on Report Writing
  • Doubts & Discussion
  • Feedback & Assessment Forms

Know more about our Instructor

Capt. Indraneel Chari is a certified VDR Analyst with over 60 plus evaluations under his belt. He will be taking the participants on a highly interactive journey with hands-on experience of VDR Audits and RNA.

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